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Installing gpvdm for Linux (rpm/deb packages below)

  1. Download the tar ball:
  2. Extract the tar ball
  3. Make sure you have python3-dialog installed on your system using apt-get install python3-dialog or dnf install python3-dialog.
  4. In the gpvdm directory run ./build, in the gpvdm root directory and you should get a screen looking like this:
  5. Select (packages) and you should get a menu looking like this:
  6. Select your OS, and the build system will install the packages you need to compile/run gpvdm. Once this is done navigate back to the main menu.
  7. Now select (build), and select the OS/platform you want to build gpvdm for. The build system shoud compile the binary for you.
  8. If you want to you can now select instal from the main menu, and gpvdm will be installed on your system.

Installing using a deb/rpm

If you want you can install gpvdm from a deb/rpm package. The drawback of doing the install this way is that, I don't release the deb/rpm packages very often. This means the deb/rpm versions are often up to a year behind the source code/ windows exe. If you would like me to release an updated rpm/deb package, just drop me an e-mail.

gpvdm for Fedora Linux download
gpvdm for Ubuntu Linux download
gpvdm for Debian Linux download
gpvdm for Mint Linux download
gpvdm for Opensuse Leap
gpvdm for the Raspbian pi 3.0

Arch AUR

Will gpvdm run distro?
OS version 64 bit Notes
Fedora Yes (tested)
Debian Yes (tested)
Ubuntu Yes (tested)
Arch Yes (tested)
Cent OS No 6.2 does not have python3 and 7.2 does not have pyqt5.
Raspbian for Pi 3 Yes 3D features disabled.

Note: I've decided not to produce 32 bit binaries as not many people download them. There is nothing preventing gpvdm compiling on a 32 bit os though.

Install gpvdm for Windows

To install gpvdm download a copy of the gpvdm installer from below and say yes to all questions:


Full windows instructions can be found here.

Download the documentation

Below you can find a pdf of the manual:


If you would prefer to read the documentation on line you can find it here.

Source code

This can be downloaded from git hub:
source code

Bugs/I can't get it to work

If you experience technical problems using gpvdm (i.e. it won't install etc..) please leave a message for me on github here. Or if you prefer drop me an e-mail. I'm very happy to provide help in using gpvdm. There are also a few how to videos dotted around the gpvdm web page that will show you the basics. On the other hand if running simulations is not your thing, I am also more than happy to collaborate with you on modeling data.


The usual uninstall process will work.

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